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HAIR – Human Augmentation & Interactive Robotics team
Centre for Advanced Robotics @ Queen Mary University of London
Dr Ildar Farkhatdinov


  • Basil Duvernoy [was a visiting PhD student], now postdoctoral researcher at Link√∂ping University, Sweden
  • Daniel Mortu [was a Cybathlon team member], now production engineer at Kesslers, UK
  • Daniel Layeghi [was a part-time researcher], now PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Zainab Rizvi [was a Cybathlon team member], now clinical engineer at NHS, UK
  • Dinmohamed Danabek [was a final year project student], now software engineer, Blocksure, UK
  • Filip Wieland [was a part-time researcher], now software engineer at ThousandEyes, UK